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How much does sublingual immunotherapy cost?
How much does sublingual immunotherapy cost?
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Curex at-home immunotherapy is customized by our clinicians to your allergies. You receive your treatment delivered to your door quarterly. Plus, you receive ongoing care & support from your dedicated clinician, including 1-1 telehealth visits and prescriptions as needed.

Sublingual Drops. With Curex negotiated discounts, patients pay:

  • Quarterly Plan - $285 billed every 3 months ($95/month)

  • Annual Plan - $900 billed annually ($75/month or >20% off)

    • *Most popular choice as it saves you $240 per year.

  • 3-Year Plan - $2,340 billed when treatment begins ($65/month or >30% off)

    • *Best for savers, with $360 annual savings.

* Treatments are shipped in 3-month installments in all plans. Cancellations are accepted prior to the next refill being compounded by the pharmacy (so you can get a partial refund on a prepayment plan)

Link to treatment plans offered can be found here

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